Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to turn your dead computer into a new one.

Why you should get a new computer when your logic board breaks. It turns a bad day into a good day. Yes your logic board broke and that sucks, but hey you get to get a new computer right away, hurray. If you just fix your logic board it is a sad day, you have to send away your computer for a few days, and pay money to have the same boring computer.
I found out today when you should cry over spilled milk. As they came back with my open computer at the genius bar and show me that a liquid probably milk has corroded the inside. I was like yeah, my daughter spilled milk on it about a month ago, and it was working fine up until a few days ago.
I still plan to buy a screw driver to open it up and see if they are full of shit and I can get it working again.
But that is for a different day. Today I have a new new Macbook. I was going to wait till next year to buy one, but opportunity struck and I got lucky and had to buy one today.
Well I complained about the macbook having only one plugin, but don't worry now that i have one, let the complaints really begin.
I have an old post sitting around about 20% vs 10% discounts. And Jeff gave me two new posts to write over the weekend: "Saving Leftover Breadsticks" and "Buying Beefeater Gin".
Bye Felicia. Seriously, that is the line from Friday that became an internet meme? Of all the lines I remember people repeating after the movie came out, "Bye Felicia" was not one of them, but rather the responses to her requests, such as borrowing a VCR, but hey kids today don't know what that is.

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