Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to turn your dead computer into a new one.

Why you should get a new computer when your logic board breaks. It turns a bad day into a good day. Yes your logic board broke and that sucks, but hey you get to get a new computer right away, hurray. If you just fix your logic board it is a sad day, you have to send away your computer for a few days, and pay money to have the same boring computer.
I found out today when you should cry over spilled milk. As they came back with my open computer at the genius bar and show me that a liquid probably milk has corroded the inside. I was like yeah, my daughter spilled milk on it about a month ago, and it was working fine up until a few days ago.
I still plan to buy a screw driver to open it up and see if they are full of shit and I can get it working again.
But that is for a different day. Today I have a new new Macbook. I was going to wait till next year to buy one, but opportunity struck and I got lucky and had to buy one today.
Well I complained about the macbook having only one plugin, but don't worry now that i have one, let the complaints really begin.
I have an old post sitting around about 20% vs 10% discounts. And Jeff gave me two new posts to write over the weekend: "Saving Leftover Breadsticks" and "Buying Beefeater Gin".
Bye Felicia. Seriously, that is the line from Friday that became an internet meme? Of all the lines I remember people repeating after the movie came out, "Bye Felicia" was not one of them, but rather the responses to her requests, such as borrowing a VCR, but hey kids today don't know what that is.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hats are soooo pedestrian is back!!! And what better way to celebrate than a pic of steak and eggs. Because if you aren't eating steak for breakfast you might as well eat cereal, yuck, what are you doing, getting ready for school, or currently sitting in a cubicle?
As the title suggests do not wear your hat inside. There is only 2 types of people allowed to do that: pedestrians, to whom do not know any better and the queen of England, because she is bald.
So before you order your meal, make sure your hat is off, or the waitress may spit in your food, and she will be justified; by giving you the equal respect that you gave her.