Wednesday, November 6, 2013

$20 Rebates not worth your time

My wife asked me recently should she fill out the rebate for $20. I was like definitely no, the time spent is not worth it. Now if she asked between $20 - $50, I might have said yes, depending if she was in the mood to do it, and if we were watching tv, and if the stamp was already down stairs and they provided an envelope. Personally even $75 dollars is shaky for me, $100+ is a definite yes, but I may still try to have my wife do it. Did I mention I hate rebates, and 1/2 the time the money never comes anyways, or another 1/4 of the time, you cut out the upc and then want to return the product which you no longer can do (what a scam). Post coming soon ... "Fire Your Butler: what to do when your yearly gross is cut in 1/2"

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