Monday, June 17, 2013

I Moved My Blog to Blogger

You might not have even noticed but i moved my blog to blogger. Why? Because i don't want the hassle of a server failing on me. The whole point of being an Internet Millionaire is to have less worries, and spend more time showing off your life on Facebook.

Unfortunately, every time i hit tab it does not indent, but rather just moves the cursor off of the Compose screen. Well some people don't believe you should indent paragraphs on blogs, maybe google agrees.

I guess maybe i will just add a line break, because otherwise this is going to look like an even more of a jumble mess.

So I will try to move some of my old blog posts here, specially the great instructional posts from where i actually teach you something, about how to be an Internet Millionaire by the basics of starting your own arcade.

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