Friday, May 17, 2013

Why am I waiting for an oil change?

I apologize to my readers in advance for not having a personal assistant. Clearly that is necessary for the internet millionaire who would rather be spending time doing anything else. Though i do enjoy the free coffee and cookies at the Honda dealership.
Clearly, if I had a p.a., I wouldn’t have had to rush out of the house at 10:40, while i was still working on an important project.
Today’s goal was to find a virtual assistance to pick-up some more of my weekly web work, but maybe i should also have an ad out or search for on a p.a.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The difference between iKea and dRinking.

One you should do a lot, and one you should never do. Don’t have time to actually write something, already wasted time chatting with 
Pete a friend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What, are you going to a movie?

“What, are you going to a movie?” was the response from my co-worker, when i told him before i start working i need to find a show for Friday night. My response, “What am i Poor?”
Live shows are choice for the internet millionaire, and preferably sitting down with drink service, not always the case at the Theatre.
“How do you choose your ticket?”, you ask. Well first i go directly to the Theatre site and see what seats are available. Balcony preferably, i definitely don’t want someone sitting in front of me. I’m a internet millionaire, not a baller.
“What if there is ideal seats?”, you say. Well then that is where Stub Hub comes in. Yes you may pay double the ticket price, but you get the seat you want or close to it.
Remember you are an internet millionaire, so what is the difference between buying one pack of gum vs two packs of gum. What i’m saying as either way it is cheap, and if I’m going out, I might as well get what I want.
So as I say start living in the future, internet millionaire style., give up the dollar movie, and hit the show you really want to go to. BTW, don’t forget to Facebook about it. Because if you don’t check-in with a pic of how great your seats are, then did it really happen? is it even worth it?