Friday, March 8, 2013

Facebook Apps, are you giving away more than you know?

The answer is probably Yes! Hell Yes!
Well it may be one thing to share your life with your friends on Facebook. It is a whole other thing to share your life with The Huffington Post.
When you log-in to another website using Facebook and that privacy pop-up shows up, this is a little bit more intrusive than when you begin using your new iPad and have to agree to Apple’s term of service.
I often click “yes” , because I want to use Facebook for an easy log-in to reserve a table at a restaurant or purchase a video holiday card on Fiverr. I always think to myself, no problem I know how to use Facebook, i will delete this app later.
Well I finally got around to it today. I had 127 apps to delete, one-by-one.
If you are reading this for info, go to facebook, hit the sprocket in the upper right, and go to account settings, then on the left side menu click Apps. then put on your headphones and listen to Pandora, because it is going to take a while to delete all those privacy intruding connections.
When you finish deleting all the unnecessary apps, there is one more step, even more important than what you just think you fixed.
Below the apps is another settings options, oh what’s that, you read it right. All your Facebook friends have been sharing your information with Apps they use. What the Superlative? Exactly.
Check out my info graphic on the bottom of this post, first time i’ve ever been outraged by the privacy policy on Facebook.
and that is saying a lot

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