Thursday, January 24, 2013

Whiskey Sour

I just ordered a Whiskey sour, because rail drinks are free during Happy Hour.
I also promised to finally write another post
no matter how bad it is. From now on when i get behind just expect a post written while I’m
with awaiting for a friend at a bar.
Working while hanging with friends or family is a blog post about brainstorming, I’m yet to finish.
But why not refer to posts not written, future Mikey can always change it
And besides that guy is paying for my drinks anyways.
So, Whiskey sour, facebook search. Im not sure what the official term is, but im calling it fb search and i just got access to it today.
I was excited to test it out. First they give you a tutorial,
not worth your time, then you begin to try it. I already had a search in mind, “Friends with a birthday in February”. Easy right? Nope, fb search couldnt handle it.
In fact i dont know if i would call it search. Lets call it fb suggestion. Because it is the equivalent to the drop down in google.
and NO i dont want to search the web!!!
If i wanted to search the web i would press control tab and use google.
I figured fb search could handle a simple bday, month, and friend combo search.
Im not sure what stage of testing fb search is at, but i am more likely to ask Siri, if i want to get useless choices and up google searching anyways.
So why do i compare fb search to a rail Whiskey sour, because it sounds like a good idea until you get it.

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