Wednesday, November 6, 2013

$20 Rebates not worth your time

My wife asked me recently should she fill out the rebate for $20. I was like definitely no, the time spent is not worth it. Now if she asked between $20 - $50, I might have said yes, depending if she was in the mood to do it, and if we were watching tv, and if the stamp was already down stairs and they provided an envelope. Personally even $75 dollars is shaky for me, $100+ is a definite yes, but I may still try to have my wife do it. Did I mention I hate rebates, and 1/2 the time the money never comes anyways, or another 1/4 of the time, you cut out the upc and then want to return the product which you no longer can do (what a scam). Post coming soon ... "Fire Your Butler: what to do when your yearly gross is cut in 1/2"

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Be The Conversation Piece

I was worried my black sox would ruin peoples time at the pool party, but then i realized i gave them something to talk about.
This thought was confirmed when i realized my friends were talking about my knowledge of sun-tanning theory. No, none of them went to schools in a sun state. Im pretty sure sun-tan theory is not a major at the UofMn.
If you ever worry how you are dressed, keep in mind you are an internet millionaire and come monday all the well dressed saps have to go to work.
Imagine if everyone at a pool party wore black sox, seriously imagine the scene for a second. That would be pretty cool, and definitely a facebook worthy post.
Caveat: if you have your kids with you, dont be an asshole, take off those sox.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I Moved My Blog to Blogger

You might not have even noticed but i moved my blog to blogger. Why? Because i don't want the hassle of a server failing on me. The whole point of being an Internet Millionaire is to have less worries, and spend more time showing off your life on Facebook.

Unfortunately, every time i hit tab it does not indent, but rather just moves the cursor off of the Compose screen. Well some people don't believe you should indent paragraphs on blogs, maybe google agrees.

I guess maybe i will just add a line break, because otherwise this is going to look like an even more of a jumble mess.

So I will try to move some of my old blog posts here, specially the great instructional posts from where i actually teach you something, about how to be an Internet Millionaire by the basics of starting your own arcade.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why am I waiting for an oil change?

I apologize to my readers in advance for not having a personal assistant. Clearly that is necessary for the internet millionaire who would rather be spending time doing anything else. Though i do enjoy the free coffee and cookies at the Honda dealership.
Clearly, if I had a p.a., I wouldn’t have had to rush out of the house at 10:40, while i was still working on an important project.
Today’s goal was to find a virtual assistance to pick-up some more of my weekly web work, but maybe i should also have an ad out or search for on a p.a.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The difference between iKea and dRinking.

One you should do a lot, and one you should never do. Don’t have time to actually write something, already wasted time chatting with 
Pete a friend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What, are you going to a movie?

“What, are you going to a movie?” was the response from my co-worker, when i told him before i start working i need to find a show for Friday night. My response, “What am i Poor?”
Live shows are choice for the internet millionaire, and preferably sitting down with drink service, not always the case at the Theatre.
“How do you choose your ticket?”, you ask. Well first i go directly to the Theatre site and see what seats are available. Balcony preferably, i definitely don’t want someone sitting in front of me. I’m a internet millionaire, not a baller.
“What if there is ideal seats?”, you say. Well then that is where Stub Hub comes in. Yes you may pay double the ticket price, but you get the seat you want or close to it.
Remember you are an internet millionaire, so what is the difference between buying one pack of gum vs two packs of gum. What i’m saying as either way it is cheap, and if I’m going out, I might as well get what I want.
So as I say start living in the future, internet millionaire style., give up the dollar movie, and hit the show you really want to go to. BTW, don’t forget to Facebook about it. Because if you don’t check-in with a pic of how great your seats are, then did it really happen? is it even worth it?

Friday, March 22, 2013

You should be on Google+ too.

Really Edla are you an idiot? you might be thinking,
 that’s what i thought when Pete told me to change.
First of you all, if you aren’t on Facebook, I am already considering you hopeless, and I hope you have your resume in order, because your cushy office job, might just disappear for you in 10-20 years, and you will be asking yourself, “what happened?”
The first thing an oldie will blame is the new young boss who fired him/her. Well you were given the opportunity to join Facebook, in fact the youth looked at you funny when you said you have never looked at it. (I just had to listen to a conversation of 40 somethings say that to each other, so tempted to lean over and say, “I hope you have good retirement accounts, because you won’t last more than 20 years with that kind of thinking”)
But I won’t, just like when I was in the TSA line, and the putz scanner, pushed everything forward and flipped my laptop out of my bin., hmmm I bet that oldie isn’t on Facebook, but I bet he has an email account,
 thinking that he is with the times.
Enough about Facebook, that is a done deal. Be on it, or give-up on your american dream of being rich. Google+, I was at a google publisher conference, and the theme was more about google glasses and coffee pots, google search the coffee maker problem to find out what i’m talking about , it might be on a Lays potato chip though,
what is michael talking about, see the old compare lays and the other chip brand commercials from the 90s was it?
But the change for online publishers on Google+ is incredible. I take my words back on Ebay’s decision to stop advertising or recommend it for ad words. Why do i need to pay for top bill advertising on your own search term. Well that was the way you use to have control of what text google put. But with Google+ you can now control the whole side bar, so far i’ve discovered the best option is to insert a google+ on your
timeline, and so far my recommendation is to upload images on your
status updates. Wow, I love that, google “Hooda Math” and you will see what i’m talking about.
So as an
online business. Google+ is the best free advertising i’ve seen in a long time, I’m talking $1000 worth a day minimum for me, and for Coca-Cola i’m talking $100,000 of free advertising. google: coca cola, they know advertising
So anyways, i was updating my free google advertising, when i caught myself commenting on  my friends posts, and maybe even opening a chat session on g+, and realized, i wasn’t on facebook, and hey this isn’t even half bad.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Facebook Apps, are you giving away more than you know?

The answer is probably Yes! Hell Yes!
Well it may be one thing to share your life with your friends on Facebook. It is a whole other thing to share your life with The Huffington Post.
When you log-in to another website using Facebook and that privacy pop-up shows up, this is a little bit more intrusive than when you begin using your new iPad and have to agree to Apple’s term of service.
I often click “yes” , because I want to use Facebook for an easy log-in to reserve a table at a restaurant or purchase a video holiday card on Fiverr. I always think to myself, no problem I know how to use Facebook, i will delete this app later.
Well I finally got around to it today. I had 127 apps to delete, one-by-one.
If you are reading this for info, go to facebook, hit the sprocket in the upper right, and go to account settings, then on the left side menu click Apps. then put on your headphones and listen to Pandora, because it is going to take a while to delete all those privacy intruding connections.
When you finish deleting all the unnecessary apps, there is one more step, even more important than what you just think you fixed.
Below the apps is another settings options, oh what’s that, you read it right. All your Facebook friends have been sharing your information with Apps they use. What the Superlative? Exactly.
Check out my info graphic on the bottom of this post, first time i’ve ever been outraged by the privacy policy on Facebook.
and that is saying a lot

Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Class to Coach, Big Mistake!

When we were finally seated and my toddler asked for water, i knew i had made a huge mistake. For i know the difference between first class and coach, a child only knows airplane ride. And for a first class child that includes bottled water at your seat and fruit platter with your lunch.
I thought i planned ahead i bought sandwiches, i bought chips, i even bought a $2 free apple. But when push comes to shove, coach is coach and first is first.
If your finances say maybe first sometimes, than take it from me, fly coach, because taking a step backwards is like flunking 5th grade. It is obvious to everyone else that you dont belong.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Whiskey Sour

I just ordered a Whiskey sour, because rail drinks are free during Happy Hour.
I also promised to finally write another post
no matter how bad it is. From now on when i get behind just expect a post written while I’m
with awaiting for a friend at a bar.
Working while hanging with friends or family is a blog post about brainstorming, I’m yet to finish.
But why not refer to posts not written, future Mikey can always change it
And besides that guy is paying for my drinks anyways.
So, Whiskey sour, facebook search. Im not sure what the official term is, but im calling it fb search and i just got access to it today.
I was excited to test it out. First they give you a tutorial,
not worth your time, then you begin to try it. I already had a search in mind, “Friends with a birthday in February”. Easy right? Nope, fb search couldnt handle it.
In fact i dont know if i would call it search. Lets call it fb suggestion. Because it is the equivalent to the drop down in google.
and NO i dont want to search the web!!!
If i wanted to search the web i would press control tab and use google.
I figured fb search could handle a simple bday, month, and friend combo search.
Im not sure what stage of testing fb search is at, but i am more likely to ask Siri, if i want to get useless choices and up google searching anyways.
So why do i compare fb search to a rail Whiskey sour, because it sounds like a good idea until you get it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Make a Simple Game Site using PHP – Step 2

Let's start off with my frustration motivation. Today, I spent over 4 hours trying to install different arcade scripts (the biggest problem i have is that my server does not have the most current PHP version). I gave up and decided to get back to my simple game site using PHP.