Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Post to Keep on Going

I can’t think of anything to write about today. Well i’ve thought of a lot of little things, that amounted to nothing. It could be the small cold I have, or all the drinking i’ve done in attempts to get rid of it. If i’m going to waste any writing energy i have left it is going to be a PR release for my website, because like this blog, I like to send on out as often as possible, thank-you Fiverr. Damn it, that is what i wanted to write about, fiverr, ok, well that will be a future post. For today, i’m going to just give you a list of post titles i started, didn’t finish, and doubt i will ever get around to it.
Happy Hour Mixes Work and Pleasure and Keeps You Sane
Get Out of Your Text Plan Hole
Making Money on the Internet is Easy, Making a Lot of Money is Hard
ABC – Always Be Counting (The Benjamins)
Ones are for Poor People and the Homeless
If It is Worth Posting on Facebook, it is Worth the $7 to Promote it
Four Square is for People Who use Friendster
There is Always Another Day
Made-Up Holidays, Aren’t They All

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