Monday, December 3, 2012

Facebook doesn't use Reply All. Why do you?

My first post on a series I call: facebook, why don’t you?
Reply All, has been a classic office problem for years. For example, your office secretary sends out a reminder about the holiday party this friday.
The secretary and you have an inside joke, so you reply back to her email, “How many drugs should I bring?” Unfortunately, you pressed Reply All. Sound familiar?
Solution: facebook messages.
Now i would like to cover mass texts. Recently, my friend told me a boring story about his new nephew. Apparently his brother-in-law sent out a mass text with a picture of the newborn, yuck. As if
Neal my friend thought it couldn’t get any worse, he then proceeded to receive Reply All responses
 back that were intended for just his brother-in-law. Of course, “How many drugs should I bring?” would have been an appropriate Reply All in this particular situation
, seriously how many kids are they planning on polluting the earth with?
Solution: facebook messages.
I have pre-written a Reply All that you can copy and past that applies to all situations:
Next time send the group message via facebook, putz!
It is important to put the putz at the end of the sentence, that way the sender reads your advice twice
, to figure out why you called him a putz.
I hope you learned something about reply all, facebook, and the many uses of
the cross out font drugs.

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