Friday, November 30, 2012

Steak and Eggs? Yes Please!

It wouldn’t be a self help book non-kindle version, if i didn’t actually give any advice on how to make money on the internet
(or at least the way i did).
  1. Pick a Domain Name and Purchase It
  2. Sign-Up for a Hosting Plan
  3. Make a Web Page
One, picking a domain name may be the easiest and most important thing you ever do on the internet. Long or Short? Pun or No-pun? Personal, Unique, or Marketable? i can’t help you: look over the sites you visit, what would you call a store if you opened one
at the mall, or drink a martini. Personally i went with . It included the topic of my site, math. And it contained double O’s, like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. Click here, to purchase a domain name.
Two, If you clicked to purchase a domain name above, then you know i prefer GoDaddy. You can also sign-up for a hosting plan there that makes it pretty easy to connect the two. You may say, “
but GoDaddy is the biggest and i don’t want to support the man.” I cannot emphasize this enough, is not for you!
Three, Don’t know how to create a web page? Go to htmlgoodies, it worked for me in ’96 and it is even better today. If you can make your textbold or italic and change the font size and style
which apparently i don’t know how to do on wordpress, then you can learn html and make a web page yourself.
Now, back to my steak and eggs

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