Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every Cup of Coffee

My day starts with a cup of coffee
and 6 pills. So why wouldn’t my blog start that way? This is more of a self-help book non-kindle version. And if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you will. Because my goal is to explain the internet in laymen terms.
It is odd that i would start this blog about a cup of coffee that has nothing to do with the internet. But the internet moves fast, really fast, so it is important to occasionally take a step back and enjoy a cup of French Press
, or glass of wine. And when you are fabulous like me, you should make time everyday for French Press coffee, preferably made by your butler or maid (but we will get to that later).
It is important to understand that not every cup of coffee is equal. If you purchase 1 lb of coffee beans make sure it costs at least $10 per lb or more; otherwise, dump out half of the bag before you get to the register. If you are going to live internet rich, then you need to start from day one
, or not what do I know.
  • Notice how I cross stuff out, yeah that is a WordPress thing, and yeah, I think it is cool.
  • Notice how my grammar is crap, yeah that is a Twitter thing, not cool, but a reality, so adapt to it, because that is like the language of the future.
Listen. You can’t be an Internet Millionaire without working, and when i say working, i mean all of the time. So i won’t be writing long posts
, for an unlimited amount of reasons. But if you must know, I work from the second i get up till the second i go to bed.
If you are reading a blog, webpage, or something else you found by googling, “how to make money on the internet”, and the writer says s/he barely works and vacations all the time, s/he is full of it.

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