Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I went back to using

A long time ago, when I was first starting up my websites. I used AddThis, it was easy code, and gave you links to all the major social networks. At one point, I decided I didn't like all my shares advertising for @AddThis. Plus I didn't have control over exactly what and how the content was shared. But maybe I was wrong. Due to the newest (or new to me) AddThis feature:
AddThis displays the share buttons that most likely will be clicked by the user. Oh no more cookies, who cares, this is definitely more shares. If a user is more likely to use a share button, if they see the one they regularly used featured on your site. So I will put up with the free advertising for AddThis, and the lack of material control. Hey, if it greatly increases my tweets and odd stuff like baidu shares, then it might just be worth it.

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