Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Make a Simple Game Site using PHP - Introduction

This is the first post on how to make a simple game site using PHP. Coding in PHP is as simple as coding in html, assuming you are only using a text editor. The only difference is that you name file .php, instead of .html. The tutorial will be based on the creation of my site, TopFiveGames.com, go have a look now, and follow us on Facebook if you like. A few things to get you excited about this tutorial series. First, you will not need to make a SQL database. The database will be made on one text file in php. Only including the names of each games.
Second, you will only need to create folders, one to house your images and another to house your flash files. Third, when you upload a new game, you will only have to do 3 simple steps and then you are done. First upload image and flash file. Second copy a template file and rename it to match game files. Third add name of game to top of the database. Forth, this simple game site will be seo friendly, having a long text list of your games on the bottom, no weird ?s195 in your url, simple the game name you choose, and in the title, and this will all be done automatically using your code. Fifth, the place ment of the google adsense add is in the hottest click location, right above the game. sixth, share features are already set-up, but feel free to change. How to Make

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