Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Post on Hopefully my Final Domain Name Choice

What do I mean by final domain name choice?


I started <a title="My old blog on making a flash game portal" href="http://topfiveblog.com">Top Five Blog</a>, to coincide with <a title="My Flash Game Portal" href="http://topfivegames.com">Top Five Games</a>, on how to make a flash game portal using <a title=".Org goes on your own server, not .com" href="http://wordpress.org">wordpress</a>.

I have bought <a title="where my facebook posts should go" href="http://michaeledlavitch.com">michaeledlavitch.com</a> and <a title="because Michael Edlavitch is a long name" href="http://mikeedla.com">mikeedla.com</a> thinking why not be vain and write my blog there.

<!--more-->I own and connect to <a title="Blog About Math Teaching" href="http://hoodamathblog">hoodmathblog.com</a> with my bread and butter site <a title="Math Games" href="http://hoodamath.com">hoodamath.com</a>

I purchased <a title="Education Blog" href="http://hoodablog.com">hoodablog.com</a> thinking I am going to move on from math and create a all encompassing blog for the likes of <a title="Word Games" href="http://hoodaword.com">Hooda Word</a> and <a title="Science Games" href="http://hoodasci.com">Hooda Science</a>.

hmmm and my domain name list goes on and on, multiply that by $7.50 and you got <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">a whole pile of</span> money. But as long as one of those sites makes it back, it may be worth the purchasing, because you never know who is going to piggy back on your success, see: <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">hoodamathgames.com</span>, <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">hudamath.com</span>, <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">hoodagames.com</span>, etc., etc.

So if you got the <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">cash, or</span> credit purchase a domain name that lingers in your mind for at least a couple hours.

Otherwise you will be in negotiations for domain names like I had to purchase:

<a title="encompasses the whole world of HOODA" href="http://hooda.net">Hooda.Net</a>

So come back often to <a title="this blog" href="http://whatcolorisyournotebook.com/">What Color is Your Notebook?</a> , I will be handing out free advice on arcade ownership, internet <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">marketing</span> spamming, life outside the <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">workplace</span> suckerplace, and just tidbits from my own wisdom <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">crazyness</span>.

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